High waisted jeans = Mom jeans?!

high waisted denim

There’s higher rise, and then there’s very high waisted denim. We don’t know – somehow high waisted jeans still feel like “mom jeans” to us.

Check out these celebs (Jaslene from America’s Next Top Model, Mary J. Blige, and Jennifer Lopez, left to right) in their high waisted denim. Do you love this trend or think its a flash in the pan? We are steering clear of the high waisted jeans unless this trend dies down. We’d feel like such a fatty in these unless we were about a size 0 or 2! Is this trend really wearable for the vast majority of women?


  1. Umm, I’m crazy about high waisted jeans. All you have to do is crack open a vouge magazine to tell they aren’t your moms fat jeans. So what if most people can’t wear them? There are TONS of skinny chicks out there anyway. Besides, like it’s my fault you don’t know what a diet is? Don’t get me wrong, “curvy” can be way hot. But just because not everyone can where something doesn’t mean it’s not fashionable.

  2. In response to the first comment, some people are naturally larger and it has nothing to do with a diet. I agree with you in that just because a certain style is not for everyone then it shouldn’t be a trend that is warranted.

    My personal opinion is that i would rather see a girl with an ass in these jeans or any other pair, than a girl whose ass is basically her two femurs and coccyx!

  3. Boy, somebody change this writer’s diapers– “fad” and “flash in the pan”? Did you miss the whole 80s? Did Z.Cavaricci never exist?

    High-waisted jeans are the BEST way for women who have a waist to look good. They enhance your hourglass, and they make your legs look longer. Women with waists were happy in the 80s. Then the 90s came along & revived the 70s hip-hugger style, which fails to show off anybody’s waist (not to mention showing hideous amounts of asscrack). Women are narrower in the middle & wider at the hips– so the waist is naturally supposed to be where your pants sit, not the coccyx! God did not mean for us to need Brazilian waxjobs just to put on a freakin pair of jeans.

    I for one applaud the return of jeans with a waist. I’m NOT a mom, so I’ve kept my figure, so I say bring on the high waists.

  4. Zora, this post was actually published back in 2007, so 5 years ago. It was also written by a writer who hasn’t written on DenimBlog in about 4 years, so don’t take it too seriously. It’s old news now. High waist jeans are really flattering on a lot of people and I own a few myself, I think they are great.

  5. Love the jeans! Very flattering, perfect way to show off the curves and be sexy in a very clean and fashionable way with out the need to show the unsightly butt crack… definitely NOT A MOM”s JEAN!!! I’m a 25 year old with NO children and a perfect sense of fashion.

    It’s time to wake up and realize that curves are in and not necessarily mean that you are “fat”. I love my curves! Blessed to have these and not ashamed at all, unlike others who rather starve and sit on their bones just so that they feel “accepted” by the social world.

    Learn how to love yourself for who you are and enjoy life! Everything in moderation!

    Look forward to more high waist jeans! 🙂 <3

  6. I agree with you, since this post was made a very long time ago (a few years back) high waisted jeans were not very popular then and they didn’t have many flattering styles out, but now they are very popular and they have amazingly flattering styles out, so it’s great how the times change 🙂

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