Gender roles in Fashion

Skinny Jeans for Men

Lately there seems to have been a gender role reversal and the lines have become blurred in fashion as far as what women should wear and what men should wear. Now we are seeing guys wear makeup and girl’s jeans, and girls who wear menswear like ties and trousers. We personally love those little menswear vests for women that are out right now – just bought one and it is hot! There is something sexy about wearing something traditionally seen on the opposite gender.

Cross-gender clothing is quickly becoming a hot trend instead of a rare occurrence. Obviously, wearing girl’s jeans does not make a guy gay. Guys have admitted that they sometimes prefer the fit of girl’s jeans because of the slender lines and cuts of the denim. There was even a recent discussion men who like women’s jeans in the HonestForum – why should men feel uncomfortably trying on women’s jeans if they prefer the fit? The fashion industry has begun to pick up on this because now designers like Diesel jeans, Chip & Pepper, and Armani Exchange are presenting new skinny and more fitted jeans for men. We think skinny jeans are very rockstar looking on men AND women!

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