Denim 101 – Rock & Republic

Rock & Republic Kurt Jeans

From time to time we love to blog for designer denim newbies about what to look for in your first few pairs of designer jeans! For today we are featuring Rock & Republic denim. These are some of our favorites due to the beautiful washes and variation of back pocket designs.

Some of the most popular washes/cuts/styles include:

* The old Victoria Beckham crowns (before her split from R&R), in London cut (watch out for fakes on Ebay – there are a ton – check the Rock and Republic forum on how to find a real pair!)
* Kurts (we love, love, love these because flap pockets make our butt look perkier) and Rays (low-rise and ultra low-rise)
* Berlins (low rise skinny jean)
* Vetters (super short mini skirt)
* Anything in Quaalude wash – dark denim with whiskering, and pink detailing (stitching and buttons)
* Most wanted rare pairs: Stevie Pink Crystal Chromas, Victoria Beckham Crowns in Foam (both highly faked – so beware!)

What we’d recomend to someone trying R&R for the first time:
* A classic pair of Kiedis’ (now known as Kassandra’s) with regular ‘R’ stitching on the back, or the signature logo (Kiedis = low rise bootcut)
* Scorpion’s and Kiss’ are very flattering to girls lacking behinds (low rise utility pocket flare, and bootcut, respectively) – great in a dark wash like Quaalude, Steel, Amethyst, or Uranium

Personal favorites/unique styles we haven’t mentioned yet:
* Vargas – low rise flare with curved pockets (in Lead or Oxygen wash)
* Wingers – low rise flare with flashy stitching (“wings”) along the back waist (in Quaalude, Opium, or Oxygen wash).

Thanks to AC421, the moderator of the Rock & Republic section of HF for her suggestions on this blog!

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