Booty Boost!

Enhance your assets! Ever wish for a perkier posterior?

For those of us not blessed like Beyonce the cut and wash of your denim can do wonders. Remember darker washes are more slimming and lighter washes hide less.

// Curved Yolks
Siwy Designer Jeans
Styles (L->R): Siwy Jeans

// Y Yolk
Diesel Jeans Lowky and Diesel Jeans Matic
Styles (L->R): Diesel Lowky, Diesel Lowky, Diesel Matic

// Smaller Pockets
Rock and Republic Jaguar and Frankie B Heart and William Rast Stella
Styles (L->R): Frankie B Heart Pocket, R&R Jaguar, William Rast Stella

//Pockets with Flaps
True Religion Joey and Rock and Republic Jaguar and William Rast Belle
Styles (L->R): True Religion Joey, R&R Jaguar, William Rast Belle

Photo Credit: RevolveClothing, PlanetFunk

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  1. These are awesome!! Thanks 🙂 I don’t think that the last R&R Jaguars are actually Jaguars because they’ve got utility pockets, aren’t they kisses?